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Successful Family Legacy Seminar


Our culture and era appear to have lost the definition and purpose of family, and are deceivingly misguided it is for the sole purpose of serving individualistic and selfish needs. As such, all too common the evidences exist of that loss in translation by the many broken homes and heartbreak towards one another. When it doesn't appear we will get our desires met due to our superficial definitions impose by cultural influences, we rather wander elsewhere including out of our families to fill the need. Those we depend on as the body of Christ’s church and fellow brethren during times of confusion frequently depict an image of “the blind leading the blind”; themselves victims of the widespread misguidance. Ultimately those wrong definitions of family also hinder (to a great degree) the incorporation of the purposeful word of God (entire Bible) as is handed to us in Genesis 1:26-28; the direct transfer of The Creator’s legacy of family to His children.

The “Successful Family Legacy” seminar in six distinct phases explores and instruct participants about the topics of cultural awareness, the discovery process, observant interactions, becoming visionary (strategizing), constructing goals and objectives, purposeful implementation, and ongoing evaluation strategies. Every phase is built upon and exhibits undeniable biblical principles.  We desire to teach the powerful and effective process of “multi-generational family legacy” which transcends the individual and deeply motivates us to purposeful familial living that rejects cultural biases.



(2-day or Weekend Seminar Presentation)


Successful Family Legacy

Questions to answer:

Why am I here?  What do I hope to get out of this experience?  (Who Cares? So What?)

                1) The family is in a sad state of existence arguably than ever before in history

                2) There is a great lack of understanding regarding the purpose of the family

3) There is great lack of understanding about the strategic components of the family and their intricate functionalities

                4) People are giving up in droves at the pursuit of building healthy families

Some Expected Discoveries:

a. You will learn the attributes of a successful family legacy

b. Understand how family fits in your overall life existence

c. Understand the opposing forces you face and that seek to destroy your family

d. Understand how changes in your approach can turn current failures into successes


Understanding family strengths and weaknesses


Key Points:         After completing this phase, you will be able to:

1.       Articulate your sources of strength and resilience

2.       Understand the importance of identifying strengths of your family legacy for individual members to embrace

3.       Recognize the need for uncovering “blind spots” within your family legacy

4.       Implement and intentionally manage a purposeful family legacy

5.       Understand your family legacy is as great as or greater than the longest lasting corporate brand you know, and your protection of that family legacy (corporate brand) is more significant/valuable than any corporation’s protection of its brand.


Losing Focus or Losing control?

What are the signs that your family is losing focus or getting a bit out-of-control?  Have you spent the time getting to know and understand the members of your family intimately enough (rather than being a workaholic, absentee parent, etc.)?  Have you made those opportunities for bonding, usually a subtle request by those you lead, a priority or sharpened your sensitivity to their requests?  Have you invested enough time with each individual which will allow you to easier sense the displeasure, or encourage him/her to quicker seek you out for a heart-to-heart conversation because of the awareness you intimately care?



Vision, Solutions, Strategies, & Structure will define legacy!

Key Points:         After completing this phase, you will be able to:

1.       Identify critical issues within your family

2.       Link your visions and solutions to your family’s issues at the strategic (planning), legacy (cultural & heritage), economic, supportive (unity), and functional levels

3.       Understand family needs (biases), as well as who drives those needs and why

4.       Define your family legacy (culture and values), and determine the long term impact

Understand the need for continuous probing and checks for structural integrity



Building a Preference, or Building a Barrier?

Key Points:         After completing this phase, you will be able to:

1.       Know the Competition; Uncover the entities competing for the hearts of your family members

2.       Know the extent of the competitor’s strength & weakness to construct your great defense

3.       Keys for “de-mystifying” the awe-factor (the attraction) your competition exhibits

4.       Develop a strategy and tactic for assuring the vision and legacy you cast remains superior


It’s a Battle for Hearts, No Longer Just a Formality.  Plan to Win!

Key Points:         After completing this module, you will be able to:

                                1. Develop a basic strategic-planning model

                                2. Create a Dynamic planning process

                                3. Articulate the sources of strategic failure

                                4. Understand the classic categories of strategy and how they apply to your family

                                5. Link individual plans to your overall strategy

Behind every successful family unit is a well-planned design and well executed strategy of the goals we want to achieve, as well as the identities and values we want to reflect






Ezechiel Bambolo, Jr.

The Firstborn Son, Inc.

20611 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Suite E233

Bothell, WA 98012


 Toll Free: (855) 378-2776



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