The Beginning

My wife and I had our second child. He is Garrison, and our “Firstborn Son”. As we began to consider the societal value systems of the world we live in now, especially my considerations as his father, as well as the trends and direction we are heading, it is greatly disappointing and concerning. Our children of today’s family, especially our boys are sadly filled with a sense of entitlement and ignorance regarding family responsibilities. To provide you a quick example, take a look at events, associations, social groups, and other similar activities in promotion of the family values and structure. Take a look at the ratios of women to men with regards to attending participants or those involved. Where are the men, husbands, fathers, and brothers? Is it safe to say they don’t care or we haven’t raised them to care? Our culture greatly lacks selfless and sacrificial men who understand their role with in the family. And it continues to trend towards worse while our erosion of family values and Godliness become even more critically damaging for the generations to come as a result.

I began to look up books to research the subject of the firstborn son in order to begin to prepare for teaching my son and I couldn’t find any. There are books about raising sons, but there are none that take this unique and Godly approach. I had been taught as a boy by my dad, as his firstborn son, what my role is within the family. It was not an easy learning process as I struggled to embrace my responsibility for years. However, I couldn’t resist the deliberate and consistent manner with which my parents instructed me about my role within the family. Although I grew up in the church reading the Bible, later in my early adult years I finally began to study the scriptures with a strong acumen towards true application in my life. It was then that I truly discovered the power of what my parents had work so hard to teach me all along. I began to see the greatness in God’s scripture regarding His design for the firstborn son and its impact on the family unit, society, and the nation (God’s people). Since I had come to this point in my life as a father, with a strong demand for such support and educational material on this subject (the firstborn son), it was disturbing to find no books discussing the instructional emphasis I had heard all my life. This moment indeed was the birth and the beginning of my book The Firstborn Son: A curse, a gift, or a calling and the realization of one of the components that is terribly and mercilessly killing our society.

Join me in restoring what we have gradually lost over several generations, and reverse this trend for our society now, as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s to come. Add your voice to bringing attention to this magnificent God-ordained role that elevates all of society.


Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr.


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