Mission Statement of The Firstborn Son

Mission Statement: 

The Firstborn Son, in collaboration with its non-profit arm Family Legacy Builders, exists to promote the discussion and implementation of successful family legacy as a regenerating and preventive solution to the plague and rise of broken families.

Many families (people) in our midst lack awareness of the preventive and healing benefits harbored in long term vision. The Firstborn Son takes a three pronged approach as our primary components to address this dilemma:

1. Public Speaking

2. Conducting 1-day or 2-day Successful Family Legacy seminars

3. Maintaining a COMMUNITY for ongoing support & resources for desiring individuals

The founder of The Firstborn Son is Ezechiel Bambolo, Jr.  By African standards, his parents were incredible individuals and educators of the middle class variety. By western standards they were poor. His parents spoke many words of admonition to their biological and adopted children. Nothing has impacted the lives of Ezechiel and his siblings to carry on their parents legacy of faith, integrity, service and parenting  more than what they saw and observed (exemplary actions). A specific incident of his father’s courage while facing execution (death) personally convicts Ezechiel to forever “stand as his father stood”. It has served him well in the midst of that vicious West African war and to this day. It is the same drive and conviction which has spurred him on to a mission of this magnitude for families and individuals.

As for the mission to build armies of literal and symbolic firstborn sons (sacrificial boys, men, and fathers)… We will accomplish this by sharing the message and reclaim the virtue of the birthright to the firstborn son in our homes, society, and the world. Here are some key and strategic effects we will achieve for ours and our children’s generation:

1. Begin to recognize and reconnect with what the birthright ​(firstborn son) looks like. The results will ultimately be more selfless and sacrificial men, husbands, and fathers, and a lifestyle that will definitely do a lion’s share to correct the direction of the culture.

2. Children would more readily adhere to the family custom and legacy we parents intend to leave rather than disown it.

3. Lighten, but not eliminate, the parenting load by instilling the birthright to its rightful importance and place with the firstborn son. Then take some time to enjoy the trickle down effect.

4. Most importantly, we will give Christ His rightful place, and He will truly be embraced by our children. They will easier accept rather than abandon Him because they recognize the attributes of the Firstborn Son amongst many brethren. Christ will truly be recognized as part of the family, your family, and the foundation of the legacy you pass on.

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