Endorsement of The Firstborn Son

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Successful Family Seminar (attendee reviews):

God bless you! Thank you for sharing this content. It is for some of us, myself included. The first time I have ever heard anything like this. Now it is about applying this information so I can leave my family with a living legacy to be passed down and critiqued for further generations.

Troy J (Husband, Father, Grandfather, Entrepreneur)


Essential for all…the family unit is crucial to the survival of society. Very engaging, logical, thought provoking. I especially enjoyed the life stories.

Joe H (Father, Grandfather, Fundraiser)


Good Job! I think there is a lot of great content shared. I really like the concept of creating successful family legacy. I would love even more opportunities for activities and reflection time to consider deeply what we are hearing in the content than is included in the seminar already (very productive moments).

Giselle S (Single Adult, Sales/Marketing/Bus Dev)


Relevant and Necessary for both the church and our current culture. Corporations that invest in their people would benefit. Manner of presentation was good. You came accross confident, humble, and transparent. I especially liked the stories of your family. I feel better educated for completing and adding to my own life goals and objectives. I applaud you for answering the call.

Kiki H (Single Adult, Admin Assistant)


Seminar is greatly needed by our culture and community. Message needs to be shared to churches and communities.

Vance (Father & single parent)


I am a person of practical application… Your passion, your topic, your personal testimony is very powerful. It’s obvious that God shaped you into this calling of awakening the awareness of living a legacy life. It is of the most importance. So, please do not stop…  You shared your testimony of your father raising you as an oldest son & when you when you shared how he influenced you. That gave me interest & you earned credibility in my eyes for me to not only listen to you but allow your information to enter my heart.

Alexandra G (Mother of adult children, Business Owner)


I was really expecting a game plan on how to build a family legacy. You delivered on my expectations.

Juan A (Husband, Father of toddlers, Business Analyst)



Endorsements for the bookThe Firstborn Son: a Curse, a Gift, or a Calling


Native Son

When anyone reads this book they will instantly begin to understand faith, intrigue, culture, survival, hatred, separation, reunion, parental love, sibling devotion, promotion of family values, and divine intervention. The life of one African family should be the example of how trust in our Savior will never fall short in our desire to hold onto hope.

Dr. Kenneth ―Hutch‖ Hutcherson
Founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church
Redmond, WA
Author: Enough Faith and Hope Is Contagious


The book you now have in your hands is a powerful message that needs to be read and spread throughout North America and beyond. It is worthy of your time and necessary financial sacrifice to secure, carefully read, and prayerfully implement selected principles contained within its pages into your family considerations.

As I read Zeke’s book I wondered if the picture he paints regarding the responsibilities of a firstborn son in an African culture are really a mini snapshot of many of the roles and responsibilities which would have been considered normal, rather than novel, in the Middle East, the Far East, and in the homes of Moses and Jesus. My suspicion is that these cultures more accurately reflect biblical perspective than the indifference of being a firstborn son in our own country, at least at this time.

We live in a place and time where respect has been replaced by entitlement. ​Authority and structure are viewed with ridicule and something to be ignored or rejected as antiquated, bigoted traditions stuck in a time warp. The chaos and entropy we now see as regrettably normal in many of our work ethic, morals, homes, schools, employment, downtowns, and neighborhoods is as predictable as it is repugnant.

Zeke’s story from a happy boy to a potential forced recruit bent on murder and mayhem, to a college basketball player and high school coach, through the inhumanity of racism, to a loving husband and father, pragmatically speaking, is not just interesting; it is powerfully insightful and inspiring.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend the reading and distribution of this challenging book and the enduring legacy it promotes and promises. Our culture is crashing around us in North America. This book is a lifeline for help.

Zeke, I am proud to count you as my brother, my friend, and a fellow soldier for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessings to you and this book!

Dr. Karl I. Payne
Author of Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance

​”Zeke Bambolo does a masterful job of promoting biblical truths while sharing his life story. His book provides insight into being a good soldier of Christ Jesus and his life models what it means to yield to the Firstborn Son. He sees firsthand how our society is morally paralyzed as men continue to abdicate the sacrificial role required for solid family structure and godly male friendships. Our nation is in the middle of an epic battle that needs an army of firstborn sons living for the cause of Christ.”Dr. Brad Stewart
Director and Founder of Kingdom Warrior

“Zeke is a towering figure standing 6’5 and weighing 260 pounds well-organized and developed muscle. As towering of a figure he is, the book you hold in your hands dwarfs him because it’s a story about how BIG GOD is and how a BIG GOD can change the course of your life.”

Derwin L. Gray
Founding and Lead Pastor Transformation Church
Fort Mills, SC
Author of HERO Unleashing God’s Power in a Man’s Heart

“Zeke’s mere physical presence demands attention and his gentle but profound spoken word sheds new light on the responsibility of being the firstborn son. The journey taken by the firstborn son is so described by Mr. Bambolo as to not leave any doubt in the mind of the reader the importance of Jesus Christ in one’s life.”Jim Marsh
President, Washington State MentorsYouth & AAU Basketball coach for 20+ years

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