About the Author

s41109ca114287 22 225x300 About the AuthorEzechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr. was born in Liberia, West Africa and came to the United States in 1991. Regardless of social and emotional trials, he became a very successful collegiate athlete and student. Ezechiel is a firstborn son who accepted the challenge of his father and embraced God’s core values for this strategic role. He restored his family from utter chaos, destruction, and loss of a civil war after being forced to leave them in the danger of the war. Now married for over 12 years, he is a father of two beautiful children. He has spent over 14 years in corporate America as an award winning consultant. Ezechiel serves as an elder in his church, and has been fully engaged in men’s discipleship and accountability groups for over 10 years.  From this visionary author, speaker, and seminar presenter comes a relentless desire to restore the proper order of successful family legacy within the home which will deliver familial stability and health rather than the individualism that now destroys us.

Execution on his role as a firstborn son has served his family extremely well in hardships and wonderful times. He is committed to building armies of literal and symbolic firstborn sons prepared to live sacrificially and purposefully for the restoration and sustenance of our families, culture, nation, and world.

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