• Family Legacy Builders Documentary Film

    Family Legacy Builders (non-profit) is producing a highly strategic and educational documentary film To portray the socio-cultural impact of re-instituting the Biblical role and spiritual legacy of the “Firstborn Son” on teenagers & young adults.

  • The Successful Family Legacy Webinar

    A unique webinar (online) packed with quality family building & parenting content. Consider this, when did you last speak about your family legacy (daily choices) with your dependents? Did you have to ponder that answer? Invest in yourself and your family!! Even better, learn at your own pace!

  • Author & Presenter

    The calling by a Higher Power on a life grants an opportunity for radical transformation. First, the call must be embraced in light of the molding it requires.

  • The Firstborn Son & Family Legacy! What Are These?

    Listen to a short broadcast interview as Ezechiel educates us on the strategic & critical importance of these concepts for our families, communities, nations, and world. Listen, then begin to make your impact. We’d love to help…

  • Mission Statement of The Firsborn Son, Inc

    There is a definite and purposeful reason we exist, it involves families.

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  • Family Legacy Community

    Family Legacy Community

    We exist to provide and offer education & companionship on a life journey that very frequently feels terribly lonely. The process of building and propagating a proud and successful family legacy to multiple generations, even yet to be born, is a monumental and necessary task.

  • The Firstborn Son Book Cover

    Book Trailer: The Firstborn Son: a Curse, a Gift, or a Calling

    Understand the sacrificial leadership role of the firstborn son in the development of a healthy family and family legacy.

  • Motivation With a Purpose

    Motivation With a Purpose Radio

    Motivation with a Purpose highlights the inspirational stories of people from all walks of life.

  • Making a point

    Motivational Speaker

    A motivational speaker with a dynamic range and ability to reach a varied collection of audiences. He delivers an amazing story about facing adversity through an African civil war, yet an incredible inspiration of hope on life and family issues for such a time as this regarding cultural challenges.

Successful Family Legacy Notes by The Firstborn Son Inc.

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